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   UV Index
   Self-Awareness Timer
   Radio Manager


Mister Tipster Feeds

If you're having a problem retrieving a feed , please check the feed's website to make sure it is available. Most feed retrieval problems are due to:
  • Not all feeds are RSS 2.0 format-- if you're trying to get a feed from FeedBurner, contact the publisher to make sure they've selected the RSS 2.0 format option;
  • Problems at the feed's website;
  • Network and/or Internet problems; or
  • Malformed RSS data files, i.e. feeds which have been created with an error.

These problems are beyond FeedVision's control.


Scan the Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers to questions you have. (click here)

Contact Us By Email (Best Method)

Send us an e-mail to the appropriate address listed on the Contact Us page (click here). Please provide detailed information including:
  • A detailed description of the problem you're having;
  • Whether the problem is repeatable, i.e. does the problem
    consistently happen or just occasionally?;
  • The steps taken to recreate the problem (to help us solve the issue);
  • Your version of Microsoft Windows (right-click My Computer, select Properties...); and
  • A phone number and best time to call.

Help Via the Mister Tipster Software

In the Mister Tipster software, go to the Help tab and click the "Report a Problem..." button and fill out the form. Make sure to include your email address so we can get back to you.

Contact Us By Mail

Please mail all inquiries to:
FeedVision, LLC
Attn.: Support Team
2221 Harriman Ln #B
Redondo Beach, CA  90278-4513