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Radio Manager Apps

The purpose of these simple apps is to quickly turn on or off the WiFi and BlueTooth radios and to be able to do so using voice commands. (At least on my phone, the on/off switches are buried in layers of menus!)


Be sure not to rename the apps-- these (English) names work best with the Microsoft Voice Command. (Of course, you can rename them-- you just have to say the new name when using voice command.)

To run these apps with Voice Command:
1. Start Voice Command (on my device I press and hold 'Talk' for a couple seconds, then there's a beep);
2. Speak: "Start BlueTooth On" and BlueTooth should start.

  Voice Commands:
  Start BlueTooth On
  Start BlueTooth Off
  Start WiFi On
  Start WiFi Off
  Start Radio Manager

System Requirements

Windows Mobile Device 5.0 to 6.5
These apps were tested on Windows Mobile 6.5
"Voice Command" is a Windows Mobile feature, and is not part of the Radio Manager apps.

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