Create RSS feeds with this easy to use utility. (You need to have your own place on the Internet to publish the feed.) This file is ZIPped.
TeamSpeak Monitor Utility
Display TeamSpeak information on your Mister Tipster. Assign Players to alert lights (MT425 model) to easily see who's doing the talking. Let us know what other features you'd like to see! This file is ZIPped.
Plug-Ins    (Don't see a plug-in you'd like to have? Let us know at support_team @ feedvision.com with a Subject line starting with "Plug-In")
World Time
Keep track of times around the world.
Yahoo! Stock
Get the latest stock and index information from Yahoo! Finance.
Face Plate Template
Download (Word)
Download (PDF)
Use this template to help create the faceplate graphic for your custom advertising specialty/promotional order.
Mister Tipster SDK
Download DLL
Download C# Sample
Download VB Sample
Add Mister Tipster support to your current programs or create your application to drive Mister Tipster. This SDK is a Windows DLL requiring Microsoft Framework 2.0. VB and C# sample apps are available (VS 2005).
Check back for updates and expanded functionality.
There is no separate documentation-- see the sample code for comments. Send all questions to the 'support_team' email address with a subject line that includes "MT SDK".
Mister Tipster Setup
Download Full Setup
Mister Tipster full setup program. Extract to a local folder and run 'Setup' or burn a CD.
Mister Tipster MSI Only
Download MSI Only
Mister Tipster installation program. Run the MSI file.