This page provides detailed steps on how to install Mister Tipster onto a Microsoft Windows 7 computer.

Note: Wait until prompted to plug Mister Tipster into your computer (step 9 below).

Depending on your Windows 7 configuration, you may or may not be presented with all of the following dialog windows. If you don't see a particular dialog window, simply continue on to the next step.

Note: Installing programs does require a certain privilege security level. See your System Administrator for assistance if you get messages like "you don't have the appropriate privileges to install this application."

1. Insert the Mister Tipster Installation Disk into the CD or DVD drive.
2. Click on Run Setup.EXE to begin the installation.
Click 'Run Setup.EXE' on the AutoPlay dialog window to begin the installation.

3. Windows Security tells you an installation program is trying to run. Click "Allow" to continue the Mister Tipster installation.
Mister Tipster Unidentified Program

4. Welcome Screen. Click on Next to continue the installation.
Mister Tipster Installation Welcome Dialog

5. EULA Screen. Read the End-User License Agreement (EULA) and click 'I Agree' and Next to continue the installation.
Mister Tipster License Agreement Dialog

6. Installation Folder Dialog. Click Next to Continue.
Mister Tipster Installation Folder Dialog

7. Installation confirmation. The setup program has enough information to install the Mister Tipster software. Click Next to install the program.
Mister Tipster Installation Confirmation

... the software is being installed...
Mister Tipster Installing

8. ... and has completed! Click Close.
Mister Tipster Installation Complete

9. The Mister Tipster configuration program starts automatically, and pre-loads the drivers needed to run the Mister Tipster display. When prompted, plug in your Mister Tipster into a USB port on your computer.
Plug your Mister Tipster into your computer

Windows will alert you of new hardware...
Windows is installing Mister Tipster drivers
...then tells you that Mister Tipster is ready to use...
Windows message that Mister Tipster is ready to use

10. ... and the setup is complete. Click Finish to start Mister Tipster.
Mister Tipster configuration is complete

We hope you find Mister Tipster a valuable and enjoyable tool!

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