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FeedVision, LLC

Top-Notch Software & Database Development
Legacy App & Data Conversions

Rigorous attention to your requirements and expectations produces
appropriate designs and maintainable solutions.
With decades of full-stack experience
we can develop your applications, databases and prototypes.
We can help update legacy apps or databases, too,
to a modern and maintainable solution.

28+ Years of Real-World Experience

  • Windows Apps (WinForm, WPF, .NET Core) and Services
  • Web Apps and Services
  • .NET Framework (4.7.x, Core 2.x, 3.x)
  • SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Access, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Web (HTML, ASPX, JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, etc.)
  • Windows (10/Server/CE/others!)
  • Mobile using Xamarin Cross-Platform (Android, iOS)
  • Arduino/Raspberry Pi/SoC development

Aircraft Tracking and Analytics

No matter which tracker boxes are used in your aircraft, we can display location and flight information on a web-based map, specialized app or feed a third-party app like Sabre's Flight Explorer.
Flight data and analytics are available for airports and FBOs, too!

Cool Tools

Invite Mister Tipster to your desktop or server

  • USB backlit 4x20 LCD desktop display
  • Choose from thousands of RSS feeds
  • Monitor hardware, software and server metrics with custom apps
  • Displays custom corporate messages
  • Three configurable LED alert lights work off of keywords
  • RSS display software links to the complete stories
  • Design your own applications with the free API Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Use full screen apps (e.g. games, spreadsheets) while still monitoring your feeds
  • Contact us about custom programming
  • Limited supply

Mobile Apps

Promote and access company data and services through mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.
Custom programming services are available.

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FeedVision, LLC.
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

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